Saturday, May 31, 2008

Must win.

It's not like Game four is the end of the series, but if the Penguins lose, it pretty much is. If the Penguins can win this integral second home game they'll have the series all tied up at two a piece. If they lose they go down three games to one and then they have to go back to Detroit in that state. Detroit... a place where they seem to have the confidence sucked right out of them.

If you're keeping track, it appears the Penguins have put a few of my suggestions into pratice, 2.5 out of 5 ain't bad:

1. They've been unstoppable at home down the stretch and all through the playoffs, maybe it'll continue through the next two games. half completed.

2. Mario Lemieux suits up. comeoonnnnnnnnn

3. Michel Therrian will have a freak out, just like the last time the Penguins played like this (two years ago.) Obstruction, obstruction, distraction.

4. Someone will score a goal. finally.

5. Detroit defenseman trip over the blueline several more times, sending Pittsburgh forwards in on a 3-on-1, but this time they actually score.

And here's something I came across while checking out the stories for the upcoming game tonight. Spot the typo.

Crosby, Malking Making Impact For Penguins

Also some news about game five, which is a few days away (monday). Feisty Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams will be making the trip to Detroit to take in the game. Detroit Red Wing forward Dan Cleary arranged tickets for the Premier. Williams is one of the most hilarious Canadian Premiers, he's called the Prime Minister a liar, pulled the Canadian flags down off the poles, and walked out on a Premiers meeting... and he's more popular than any other politician. If anything we'll get a good soundbite.

Colby Armstrong is back! (yay!) The former Penguins team clown and close friend to Sidney Crosby is now doing analysis for Rogers Sportsnet for the Finals. Too bad Rogers Sportsnet doesn't actually broadcast the games.

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