Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Maurice fired.

Paul maurice was fired as head coach by the Maple Leafs today.

Did I just type that? Yes I did. seriously?! Ok I just checked again, there's a picture, it must be true. Ok, I know the team underachieved (which is ironically an understatement). But it's not exactly like this is a new thing. The leafs do that. They underachieve, it's what they do. They enjoy being mediocre, what else would Michael Landsberg talk about if they weren't mediocre? It's not Maurice's fault they're too busy out there taking naked pictures of themselves. (Sorry, I know that was low... but I just cannot help it.)

On a (semi) serious note, I'm not sure if firing Maurice was the best call. Maurice cannot help that his team can never be rebuilt due to the fact that any player of value is locked into a no-trade clause (there is apparently a high rate of dementia among the Toronto players). And he managed to handle the Toronto media without looking like John Tortorella. And really, the Toronto media is a bit more...(pesky, annoying, obnoxious? choose one.)...than the Tampa Bay media. Speaking of John Tortorella, why does he have a job? The 2007-08 Tampa Bay Lightening was probably the biggest underachiever since Alexandre Daigle, and yet not only does he have a job, he is the head coach of the USA hockey team at the World Championships. My final question is, how do you get fired by an interim general manager? It's so mind-boggling. Listen folks I have the solution. It's pretty simple. It'll solve all of the problems. Make Mats Sundin the General Manager, send all the rest of the Leafs down to the AHL. Bring up the Marlies in their entirety. Dig up Bill Barilko. Simple.

In summary,
- Maurice firing bad idea
- Tortorella having job is shocking
- not as shocking as a naked Jiri Tlusty
- real hockey resumes tonight (Dallas and Detroit)
- **edit** hockey does NOT resume tonight. Today is Wednesday. only wednesday. dear lord it's only wednesday.

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