Sunday, May 11, 2008

Osgood gets the Oscar.

I watched a really great movie last night, but the acting was really terrible. There was a red team and a green team and crazy "red neck" fans, and some juicy squid.
And in the last few seconds of the movie, Dallas Stars forward Mike Ribeiro was chirping goaltender Chris Osgood from behind the net. The two exchanged some dinner plans and meanwhile Ribeiro was getting a hug from two Detroit Red Wings players. His stick rose above the crossbar and he was pushed into the net. I agree, Ribeiro did make a slashing motion. But he hit a goaltender in the chest protector. A goaltender who takes slapshots at 90 miles an hour takes a tap with a stick in the chest protector and drops to the ice like he's been shot in the face. (Seriously Chris, you're in Detroit, save that type of reaction for if you actually do get shot.) Anyway, apparently Osgood's performance was Oscar worthy because the NHL is looking at suspending Mike Ribeiro because of the incident. As much as I dislike Ribeiro (see: underacheiving high draft picks in Montreal) I don't think he should be repremanded at all for this. There's been much worse hacking on Sidney Crosby and Gino Malkin and it's not even drawing a penalty.

Speaking of Cros and Gino, they will be in action again tonight at 7:30pm EST. And it is believed that sparkplug forward Mad Max Talbot will be back in the lineup after missing a few games due to blocking a shot with his foot. Not to be unmatched by the fact that Steve Downie will also be back in the lineup for the Flyers. Also check out this hilarious interview with Georges Laraque.


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