Monday, August 31, 2009

You've got to be frikkin kidding me

In a follow up to my last post... I have become even more incredulous in trying to figure out why the NHL won't just let JimBalls have the Pheonix Coyotes.

This is from a Peter James filing on

The National Hockey League's plan to buy the Phoenix Coyotes will only ensure the team will remain in the desert for at least one season, according to court documents.

The league submitted a $140-million (all figures US) bid on Tuesday for the bankrupt team but in a court filing released Wednesday the league said it will be open to relocating the franchise if local buyers aren't found within a year.

You're willing to relocate the team? Isn't that what you were trying to avoid? Please excuse the fans if they're confused about this entire debacle. Although should the NHL purchase it's own franchise, it should prove to be a brilliantly stupid saga... Bring it on.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Short and Simple

Why does the NHL want to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. It's already losing money. Why are they so stupid?

Moreover, where was this attitude by the NHL with Quebec and Winnipeg?

I feel like punching someone in the head -- probably Gary Bettman -- but really anyone at this point would do.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Think people, think!

Let's be straight here, I don't agree with what Dany Heatley is doing to the Ottawa Senators. He's handcuffing them -- and he damn well knows it.

I really truly believe that the minute a player walks into a GM's room and says "I want a trade", that said player should have to sign a document that says he wants his stupid, irritatingly dumb, "no trade clause" waived.

It's not fair to teams that a player says he doesn't want to play here, but you can only trade me to x, y or z. What if x, y, or z don't want you Dany Heatley? What if they can't afford you? What if they're afraid you'll do the same thing to them. Love 'em then leave 'em... but only like half leave 'em. Like leave 'em but keep coming back to the apartment for your tshirt, or a pencil, or your mp3 player...

Anyway that's not what I really want to talk about today.

My concern is as the Team Canada summer evaluation camp opens this week, fans and columnists alike appear to be factoring Heatley's douche-factor into him making the team.

He's going to be on the team.


Steve Yzerman is not an idiot.

Dany Heatley has a long and loyal relationship with Hockey Canada. During the World Championships while players like Sidney Crosby sat out with a bit of an injury... or Dion Phaneuf just wanted to frolick on a PEI beach with Elisha Cuthbert, Dany Heatley was on the ice and scoring in bunches for Canada.

He's also got the Olympic experience under his belt, something that will be valuable for a team that may boast quite a few Olympic virgins.

In fact in the past nine years, Dany Heatley has played 10 tournaments for Hockey Canada. TEN!

But really we shouldn't even have to be validating this experience. Unless he starts playing like shit, or ends up not playing at all.

I would think that Hockey Canada would prefer that Heatley not have the distraction of the dispute with the Senators, but I also think they'd rather have Dany Heatley on their team than not.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Someone didn't get a briefing beforehand...

So during Sidney Crosby's Order of Nova Scotia ceremony, Lieut. Gov Mayaan Francis made a speech. And it's fairly apparent she has absolutely no idea what she's talking about.

"Whether it is a member of the National Hockey League team captain or Olympian, Mr. Crosby has always taken pride in his home country and province. Especially his beloved Cole Harbour... Dartmouth."

The clueless-ness really doesn't translate as well in print... you can listen to it here.

Crosby plays for the Pittsburgh Pengiuns.
He's never been to the Olympics.
aaaaand Cole Harbour and Dartmouth are two different places.

But nice try.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sidney Crosby got his Order of Nova Scotia today.

Sidney at Province House sporting his new medal

Sidney with Premier Darrell Dexter

Sidney getting his medal from Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis

Santa... are you high?

someone in the Detroit Red Wings brass is smoking the good stuff.

I mean, comon guys I know that it was really sad that you lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final after you had the Penguins on the brink but couldn't finish...

...but this is not the way to solve your problems.

We need an intervention.

Oh sorry... I'm talking about this headline:


Fail. Big time.

It'd be cool on a t-shirt...

But this just seems a bit awkward to me. I guess from far away it just looks like a big maple leaf. I think I was just expecting... more.

It kinda seems like they slapped some First Nation art and some Canadiana stereotypes inside the leaf. I personally would've preferred they just go back to the 87 or 72 sweaters if this was going to be the result. Or maybe just a giant picture of Bob and Doug MacKenzie... a picture of poutine? ...interpretive drawing of how poorly Canada has treated it's First Nation peoples...

ok. i give up.

But maybe i'm wrong... seems like people seem to like it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Olympic sweaters unveiled Monday

The Olympic hockey team will look a bit different this year.

The familiar puck carrying hockey player with a backdrop of the black and red maple leaf, is no more.

After a legnthy battle with the International Olympic Committee who just recently decided to enforce their rule that national sport federation logos cannot be placed on uniforms... (conveniently and, I say, rudely when Canada is hosting the games on its soil)... Hockey Canada relented and had to choose a new logo.

They're unveiling that new logo on Monday. Which will coincide with the launch of retail sales of the new logo so hockey fans can now gorge themselves on spending more money on keeping up with the latest logo.


I suppose the good news is proceeds of sales with the official logo go to Hockey Canada.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sidney Crosby Day in Halifax

Sidney Crosby celebrated his day with the Stanley Cup here in Halifax on his 22nd birthday! This morning he was at the Halifax Dockyard visiting with the military... he flew in on a sea king helicopter and spent some time on the HMCS Preserver before visiting with the crowd: