Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vogue Magazine.

Never did I think I would be putting the two words "Vogue Magazine" together on my blog. But it happened, pesky Sean Avery is torturing a whole new industry with his presence when he started his "internship" at the magazine.

Don't believe me? It does kind of sound made up, but it's true, check out the story here for proof.

There were some golden quotes in that story from his publicist Nicole Chabot,

"He is ridiculously obsessed with fashion."

"He loves it more than anything in the world. It's something he has always wanted to do."

Even more than hockey? Please oh please, like it more than hockey.

Meanwhile a quick trip to the Vogue website revealed these riveting headlines,

"All the latest updates from the Cannes red carpet"

"Lagerfeld evokes a Sixties siren for Chanel in Miami"

Man Sean Avery is going to have fun getting coffee for the people who write this stuff.

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Q-girl said...

I just thought you might enjoy this Duthieism.

"Forget the Glow-Puck. What we need is the Glow Puckbunny. Whenever Elisha Cuthbert is present in an NHL arena, she will automatically illuminate so as to be easily located by television cameras -- and young defencemen."

Sure, it does not relate to Avery's intern post... except that he may still have glow-puckbunny residue on him.