Monday, May 26, 2008


The van that accompanied Terry Fox on his Marathan on Hope in 1980 has been tracked down, restored and has begun its own journey across Canada.
The 1980 Ford Econoline, tracked down by Terry's brother Darrell and famed Canadian writer Douglas Coupland who wrote a book about Terry and his Marathon.
The van was then handed over to Ford of Canada, who put over 1,000 hours into restoring the van to its original condition. The van was then taken to St. John's, Newfoundland where on April 12, 28 years ago Fox dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1977, Fox's lost his right leg at age 18 to bone cancer and vowed to beat cancer by raising awareness and money for research. After beginning modestly in Newfoundland, Fox ran basically an entire marathon every day with his van driving faithfully behind. However later that year on September 1 Fox was forced to stop near Thunder Bay, Ontario as his cancer had spread to his lungs. He had run for 143 days straight.
Fox passed away on June 28, 1981, as the youngest person ever to be awarded the Order of Canada.

The van will be crossing the country raising money for cancer research.

Also, over the weekend 10 pieces of Canadian history were stolen from the UBC Museum. The pieces were from iconic Native artist Bill Reid and were considered "priceless" by museum curators. The missing art is reportedly a mixture of jewelry and sculptures.
Don't think you know Reid's work? Check out the back of your 20 dollar bill.

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