Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where's the Eug?

Everyone is saying that Malkin disappeared. But I'm not really sure if "disappeared" is the correct word. Malkin is there, that part is obvious. It's especially so when he's coughing the puck up to the other team, making poor passing decisions, and floating around, putting him at a -3 this series.

I speak of this today because I found myself literally yelling at Malkin. Well... I was yelling at the television, but that makes me sound crazy. It's literally unbelievable that this guy is an MVP candidate, after watching him meander through the Stanley Cup Finals playing like the Malkin of the pre-high ankle sprain days. It appears to me now that the only way to wake Malkin up is for Georges Laraque to take Sid Crosby out back and bust up his foot (Tonya Harding style).

I came into work this morning and a friend of mine said watching the game last night was "like watching the last two seasons of Miami Vice." I don't know what that means, but it sounds like a bad thing.

"The first two games weren't the best games our team played, and especially me" ... let's extend that quote a few more games shall we?

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