Sunday, May 4, 2008

all pennsylvania final.

The Penguins took their fans on a ride yesterday afternoon, needing overtime to win the series. The Penguins will face cross-state rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Looks like throwing the final game of the season to avoid playing the Flyers was to no avail. Jordan Staal triumphed over brother Marc for the second time, as the two faced off in Junior hockey as well.

The Dallas Stars placed the San Jose Sharks on the golf course and it only took them four extra periods to do it. Brendan Morrow scored the series-winning goal. Dallas moves on to face the Johan Franzen and the Detroit Red Wings in the next round (Franzen has 11 goals so far this playoffs, which is ridiculous).

And the Habs reflected on their playoff exit, but the team shouldn't dwell too long. The team really will not be losing any key players to free agency like some teams we know *cough cough Pittsburgh* and the playoff experience can only help going into next year. Of course you can't help but feel bad for Carey Price as he looked pretty tired after the loss,

"It's probably the worst moment of my career," Price said as he fought back tears. "I hate to lose."

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