Wednesday, May 7, 2008

canada beats usa. barely.

Canada faced their first challenge Tuesday afternoon as they faced the USA. Canada appeared to have control of the situation with a 4-2 lead but in the third the USA managed to claw back and tie the game. It wasn't until 46 seconds left that Dany Heatley came to the rescue, scoring an off balance snipe, sending the crowd in a frenzy (see my video below). The Canadians also faced a tough last 30 seconds as they were handed a penalty and with the US goalie (Craig Anderson, because Thomas is nursing a groin injury) on the bench, were down 6-4 men. Cam Ward came up huge in many situations and even though it was after the buzzer, he sent the puck down the length of the ice and into the net as the two teams skaters were discussing dinner plans over in the corner.

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Matt said...

Heatley was all over that game, there was no chance he wasn't going to score!