Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Remember when everyone thought this series was going to be "delicious", and close, and fast skating? I was so excited! A Stanley Cup final I could get behind! Then the Pittsburgh Penguins started playing like a bunch of schoolboy bitches, and I started to lose my cool. My only hope for a decent series is that the Penguins will redeem themselves, and put up some sort of a fight. Here are some (im)possible things that may help:

1. They've been unstoppable at home down the stretch and all through the playoffs, maybe it'll continue through the next two games.
2. Mario Lemieux suits up.
3. Michel Therrian will have a freak out, just like the last time the Penguins played like this (two years ago.)
4. Someone will score a goal.
5. Detroit defenseman trip over the blueline several more times, sending Pittsburgh forwards in on a 3-on-1, but this time they actually score.

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