Monday, May 19, 2008

Why I hate that god-foresaken rule.

Slash a guy in the face. fine. Run a guy into the boards from behind. fine. Knee on knee. fine. Heck, drop your hockey pants to the ice to fix your garter strap right before a faceoff (I kid you not, I saw Mike Ribeiro do this in Halifax, back in like 1999 when he played for the Quebec Rempart.)

But why in the name of Dion Phaneuf is there a penalty for flipping the puck over the glass? I understand, previously, it was more lucrative to do this as a defenceman than ice the puck. So, here's my question. Why not make it the same as an icing? You lose your line change, and have a faceoff in your own zone. done. Of course that makes too much sense, and as we know, the NHL doesn't make sense sometimes. The NHL is like a 3 year old child, eventually they'll learn, but not after getting stung in the butt by a bee three or four times.

Every time I see this call, even if it's in favour of a team I like, I cringe. When it results in a goal, well let's not talk about that. Who thought this up? My rule of thumb is large decisions like this would have to go through a group of at least seven people before it's approved. Where are these seven people? I'd like to tie them to a net and have shooting practice.

Who thought, "hmm this seems like it's delaying the game... let's make it a penalty, so it actually delays the game even more while the ref reviews if it hit the glass before it went out, finds the correct player, reports it to the stats dude in the little glass box, get the clock all fixed up and then... finally... drops the puck. Yah! That makes total sense! Even though icing the puck takes the same amount of time as a flip over the glass, let's make it a penalty... I'm an iiiidiot."


I never know if i'm going crazy or not when I find out Don Cherry says the same thing as me:

Cherry lambastes NHL over automatic penalty for shooting puck over glass

— Don Cherry again ripped the NHL over the automatic penalty given to players who shoot the puck over the glass, a call that helped cost Canada gold at the IIHF World Hockey Championship.

Speaking shortly after Rick Nash's delay of game penalty led to Ilya Kovalchuk's overtime winner in Canada's 5-4 loss to Russia in the gold-medal game Sunday, Cherry ranted that the rule was ruining games.

The rule came into effect for the 2005-06 NHL season.

"The National Hockey League, the reason they put this in, this goofy stupid rule, is because they said players were tired and they were shooting it in the stands," an emotional Cherry said during his Coach's Corner segment on a national television station. "If the guy knows he's getting a penalty, would he shoot it in the stands? Some fool in the National Hockey League had nothing to do (but) come up with that stupid rule and it's cost series."

Nash was clearing the puck from his own end when he mistakenly flipped it into the stands. Kovalchuk won the game 47 seconds later.

"Now you're going to say, 'If it had have been the Russians, the other way around,' no," said Cherry. "I don't want to win like that, I wouldn't want Canada to win like that. Some fool, some idiot in the National Hockey League come up with that rule, and it's killing us with the dumb rule and costing us games and a world tournament and Stanley Cups."

Asked how he would tweak the rule, Cherry barked: "They're too stupid to get rid of it."

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