Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's like he reads my blog or something.

On Sunday I sent a pleading message to James Duthie to re-appear from summer hiatus. Two days later, he's back. Coincidence? Obviously not. Now what else should I ask for...

Right... blog... so...

In honour of the valiant return of James Duthie I post the first (couple of) Duthie-ism(s) of the new 2008-09 season,

"So let's see. What's changed since the last time we blogspoke? 

 Emery went to Russia. Redden went to New York. Hossa went to Detroit. And Sundin went 'Uhhhhh, Ummmm, Uhhhhh...'"


"That leaves it wide open for....take your pick...Montreal, Philadelphia, the Rangers, Washington...


Errr...probably not. Then again, the Bills are 4-0. Nothing makes sense anymore."

I would also like to point out that I am currently enjoying a pre-season game between Detroit and Montreal. The reasons why this is much more enjoyable than the game I took in in Halifax are endless.

First of all, there are actual players out there (as opposed to the pylons that played the game last Monday) and they started a skinnier Carey Price.

Second, Pierre McGuire is back. And he hasn't missed a beat.

Third, it's actually in Montreal. There will probably be some sort of riot after the game regardless of the outcome.

Just kidding... sortof.

It appears TSN forgot how to work... stuff. Because they have the mics inside the glass turned up WAYYYYY too loud. When you can hear the players dropping f-bombs louder than the muffled sounds of Gord and Pierre, there's a problem.

I can also hear some drunk fan in row 249 better than the commentary. I'm almost tempted to watch it on mute but I fear missing some ridiculous comment from our friend Pierre. It hasn't happened yet, but I have faith. The odds are with me.

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