Monday, September 15, 2008

The good kind of separatism.

As much as critics have said that the first outdoor NHL game in 2003 was special and that the NHL shouldn't do it too often because it will lose it's novelty. I think they're wrong.

To me, each one has its own vibe. The game in Edmonton was very... magical. It was -40 out there and Edmontonians stayed for the whole game. There wasn't really any ice issues because it was so damn cold. And that picture of then Montreal goaltender Jose Theodore with that toque over his helmet, frozen breath streaming out of the front of his mask will stick with me forever.

That doesn't mean that watching Sid Crosby take his touch at drama to a new level (while fluffy snow fell lightly) wasn't enjoyable. But put a game in Montreal and not only will you see good ice (see: Tragically Hip, Courage on Live Between Us, "The snow is so merciless, poor old montreal!") but i'm sure you'll see a good show. Montreal is a place meant to showcase the game outside.

And so the NHL dropped the ball this year. Chicago? Is Chicago having its 100th season? (that's a rhetorical question, the answer is "no".) I understand that the NHL didn't want to load everything to Montreal in one year (The 2009 entry draft and All Star game are there). But I would certainly give up the all star game or the draft... or both, if the official outdoor game was in Montreal.

But in true Quebec style, they're flipping the NHL the bird and having their own (god love Quebecers...) Yes, my friends, they will lure some sucker of a team to play outside... in Montreal. I've got my fingers crossed for one of the Florida teams.

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