Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mike Richards is el capiton.

The Philadelphia Flyers made 23-year-old Mike Richards their Captain Wednesday.

Not a huge surprise, since he just signed a 12-year contract with the team. And the team's latest captain, Jason Smith, is now in Ottawa.

Oh yes, and Richards is also a former Captain Canada, leading the team to gold in the 2005 world juniors. (For the record, teammate Scottie Upshall, who started to really light it up since getting the trade to the Flyers, is also a former Captain Canada circa 2003).

Richards, has found his scoring touch, is tough as... hmm a dump truck? And seems wise beyond his years. Good choice Flyers. (I can't believe i just said that.)

"It's obviously a privilege to be part of such a prestigious organization and now be captain of it," ... "I am going to do my best" - Mike Richards.

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