Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCabe Due South.

Fret no longer Toronto, love him or hate him Bryan McCabe appears to be heading out of town, with the deal becoming official today says TSN.

The defenseman, who waived his no-trade clause in his contract, will be heading to the Panthers to join other former Leaf Wade Belak.

Overall I think this is a good thing for the Leafs, as now when a defenseman coughs up the puck at an inopportune time, at least you won’t be paying him $4.5 million a season.

One more step by Cliff Fletcher to try and put the past years behind them, where they belong.

And since it’s still a slow time for hockey I thought I’d send you this tidbit.

To tell you the truth I spent the first little while trying to figure out how drugging a jockey would benefit in some way… is there such a thing as an “anti-groth hormone” what kind of pain are these people in.

Oh what’s that? They’re drugging the horse? Wait, even stranger, they test the horses? And my last question, is one I just don’t understand, and probably never will. It’s the Olympics. You know you’re going to get a drug test… why do you morons still take the drugs?

LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Brazil's Rufus became the sixth horse to test positive for doping during the Beijing Olympics. Rufus, ridden by Rodrigo Pessoa, tested positive on Aug. 23 for nonivamide, a substance prohibited for its pain-relieving properties, equestrian's governing body said Monday.

Pessoa was fifth in the individual jumping final. The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) said it suspended him Friday after an initial hearing, and added that the backup "B" sample will be tested Tuesday in Hong Kong - the site of the Olympic equestrian competition.
The FEI said Rufus' test is the last of a series of probes at the games.

Four horses were previously found to be positive during the games, and a fifth positive test was announced last week. The six horses match the number of doping cases among athletes in other sports during the Beijing Games.

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