Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ottawa is out. Anyone that didn't see that coming let's hear it.... *crickets* .... riiiight. So let's not linger on that one too long.

Okay. Maybe just one more little (big) poke at them. Besides, except for the occasional Ray Emery quote we're really not gonna hear about these guys for a while. Speaking of Ray Emery, he entertained the media today, stating that he cannot be blamed for a playoff sweep that he didn't even play in. I must agree, can you really blame a a guy who hasn't played since late February. So, let's start blaming elsewhere... oh I don't know, the fact that Wade Redden is now the team's fifth best defenseman. No offense to John Muckler, but i'm thinking that Zdeno Chara would've been the better off-season signing. Then let's blame the fact that the once offense-heavy Senators scored only four goals in their four playoff games. On top of it all, Daniel Alfredsson came back four weeks early from and injury which he disclosed in a post-game interview last night, as a torn mcl and he was still the best player on the ice. Are you serious?

I am introducing a new feature today. In honour of the fact that I have a major crush on TSN host James Duthie I am introducing the "Duthie-ism of the Day". This "Duthie-ism" might come from television or directly from his blog "The Good, the Bad, and the Duthie" or the TSN website.

"C'mon, we all do it. It doesn't mean you have to buy their car flag. You just quietly release your inner Angelina Jolie and adopt them for a couple of months."
- J. Duth on Playoff Bandwagon Hockey.

Game five of the Boston and Montreal game is today. And coincidentally, Thursday is Jersey Day at work (a very intense day, I might add, especially for that poor girl who wore that Senators sweater a few weeks back). Anyway, on my short walk to work today no less than eight people stopped, honked and screamed out their car "GO HABS GO!!". A guy driving a giant truck even stopped traffic at an intersection to let me know my jersey was awesome.
I. Love. Playoffs.

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