Thursday, September 18, 2008

Almost as good as a mafia story.

... actually it probably is a mafia story with a name like William (Boots) Del Biaggio.

Luc Robitaille is suing the former minority owner of the Nashville Predators. The story almost doesn't sound real.

Robitaille said he was left in debt by $2 million in a joint line of credit. Wait, what? Luc Robitaille had a joint line of credit with a guy named William (Boots) Del Biaggio? And now your sad it's gone? I don't even suggest joint line of credits for married people. It never ends well. Apparently the line of credit was intended for real estate deals.

According to the Toronto Star, the former Los Angeles Kings star alleges Del Biaggio transferred the money into his own account. And alleges the funds were used to to fund "fraudulent" schemes and "failing business ventures," and to "continue an extravagant lifestyle."

Del Biaggio filed for bankruptcy in June that included more than $67 million in debt.

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