Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The team that went missing...

Came back. Remember that high-scoring, run and gun, team that made unbelievable passes and had the best powerplay in the NHL? I think they wore red, white and blue and finished first in their conference... but disappeared briefly during the first round of playoffs? Well, they're back. And just in time. The Canadiens found their form in game seven of the first round. Knocking down the Bruins 5-0. The Kostitsyn brothers pitched in three goals and Mark Streit scored one of those goals you dream of in street hockey, sliding past the defenders to deke Thomas through the five-hole.

The Canadiens do not yet have a second round opponent as that will be decided by game seven of Philadelphia and Washington. Their opponent will either be Philadelphia or the New York Rangers.

After the win last night, jubilant Montrealers spilled into the streets. And unlike those playoff runs by Calgary and Edmonton where fans partied loud, but peacefully in the streets until the early hours, Montrealers managed to burn a few police cars and do a bit of recreational looting. First round guys, first round.

As mentioned above, the Capitals and Flyers are destined for a game seven tonight and so is Calgary and San Jose.

And now for the Duthie-ism of the Day:
"It's like Jaws II, when the shark went down in flames." - referring to said game seven.

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