Friday, April 4, 2008

Mark Bell hit legal.

Last night Leafs forward Mark Bell rang Daniel Alfredsson's bell. Alfredsson was skating into the slot and was admiring his shot when Mark Bell laid out a giant hit.
There has been much outrage by Ottawa Senators management, claiming that Bell targeted Alfredsson. From what I can tell from the video angles, Bell did not aim at Alfredsson's head, and it was a side-on hit. Also Alfredsson had just released a shot so it is not interference, and was in the slot, what else does he expect? Heads up.

Personally i feel very bad for Alfredsson, I think he's a very good player who is a great leader. I feel even worse for the Senators who are now without their captain, and power forward Mike Fischer who also got injured last night. But, lord thundering, Alfie, tighten up your chin strap. Time and time again we see players get head injuries that could be prevented. What is the point of wearing a helmet if it's not strapped on and is just going to fly off when you need it.
It's probably a pretty safe bet that Alfredsson would not be concussed and out for "weeks" if his helmet stayed on his head.

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