Saturday, April 12, 2008

Self Destruction.

Ottawa Senators are looking like they're going to get shut out yet again. They're down 3-0. Somehow they manage to crawl back to tie the game. With a minute and a half left... Martine Lapointe takes a high sticking penalty. It's over. Self Destruction at it's best. And unlike previous years the team can't blame their goaltending. Gerber stopped 49 of 53 shots!! Poor guy. The team lost their cool, with Jason Spezza firing a puck at the ref and the post game interviews were anything but civil. The Senators are now going back to Scotiabank Place down 2 games to 0. And really I don't expect it to get any better there. Check out this article by Elliotte Freidman who tries to explain the terribleness.

And males across the country could be heard cringing when they saw Patrick Thoresen take a slapshot to the area no man wants to be hit in. Reports from the hospital are saying Thoresen may lose a testicle.


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