Monday, April 14, 2008

overtime heroes.

The Bruins and Canadiens played back to back games Saturday and Sunday and both games went to overtime, with each team having a hero steal the win. The teams next face off on Tuesday, the Canadiens lead the series 2-1. Canadiens did not play well in either game, expect Carbonneau to have a fit and the Habs to bounce back. Looks like they might not have taken the Bruins seriously, and who can blame them, they have beaten them 13 straight up until last night.

Another interesting game will be the the Senators and Penguins game that is on tonight (8pm AST). Interesting, because we wonder will the Senators actually show up tonight. There is a possibility that after last game they're so mad they might actually make an appearance tonight and they are playing at home. or not.

Canada wins World Curling Championship

Canada's team Martin won 6-3 over rivals Scotland. The men follow up on the recent win by Canada's women (Team Jennifer Jones) so Canada owns both titles for 2008!

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