Saturday, April 12, 2008

Semifinal: Men's World Curling Championships

Canada vs Norway

First end: Martin looked to be in big trouble with Norway pretty much covering the button with three stones. Martin made an incredible shot that JUST cleared the centre guard to score 2. Score 2-0 Canada.

Second end: Almost a steal. Came down to a measurement and it was so close they did a second take on the measurement. Norway just scored 1. Score: 2-1 Canada.

Third end: Canada scores another 2. Score: 4-1 Canada.

Fourth end: Norway with the hammer, blanks. Score: 4-1 Canada.

Fifth end: Martin completed a beautiful double with his first shot, forcing Norway to rethink and freeze to one of the two Canadian stones in the rings. Ends up in another blank. Score 4-1 Canada.

Sixth end: pretty boring end. Canada playing really good defensive game. another blank. Score: 4-1 Canada.

Seventh end: Canada, lying two with a guard out front forced Norway to draw for one. Canada finally regains the hammer. Score: 4-2 Canada.

Eighth end: this end was very similar to the last end but reversed. Canada was forced into scoring one point. The blank was not there as an option. Score: 5-2 Canada.

Ninth end: couple of big mistakes in this end. Canada ended up lying two for Norway skip's last rock. Not ideal as Norway now needs to steal two just to tie. Score: 5-3 Canada.

Tenth end: Norway steals 1, which is not enough. Score: 5-4 Canada.

Canada moves on to the Finals tomorrow versus Scotland

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