Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jenn's Picks.

Montreal (1) — Boston (8)

People might call me biased in this one, but I really don't think Boston stands a chance. They couldn't have finished in a worse position. Boston lost all eight contests against the Canadiens, and none of them were close. Chara will be a force to reckon with. But it does look like shot-blocking specialist Mike Komisarek will be back for the Canadiens playoff run.
Montreal in 4

Pittsburgh (2) — Ottawa (7)

It's widely believed around the league that the Penguins threw their final game of the season so they would play the Senators instead of the Philadelphia Flyers. And I don't blame them. I do believe Pittsburgh can handle the Flyers, but they have a better chance of coming out of a series with the Senators, will all their players (and teeth) in one piece. Let someone else take care of the Flyers and get beat up by the newest edition of the broadstreet bullies in the process.
Now the Senators really shouldn't be underestimated, but the fact that they've had the worst second half of the season (besides some teams vouching for the top draft pick in the lottery earlier today), and that they're missing captain Daniel Alfredsson and playoff performer Mike Fischer. Top it off with the way that Malkin has turned it on this year, and that Crosby has started to get his stride back after his prolonged ankle injury and it doesn't bode well for a second round appearance by the Senators.
Pittsburgh in 5

Washington (3) — Philadelphia (6)

The Washington Capitals, despite just squeaking into the playoffs in their last game managed to get the third place in the seeding because they are the leader of the Atlantic Division (the rest of the division is now golfing). Will face off against the Philadelphia Flyers who also squeaked into the playoffs near the end of the season.
The Flyers are known for their aggressive play and you can be sure they will be running league scoring champion Alexandre Ovechkin every chance they get. If they manage to throw the Russian off his game (or injure him... which is a huge possibility) then I believe the Flyers can pull out a win. But if Ovechkin continues his play the Flyers don't have a chance, but that is the "if". This is Ovechkin's first playoffs and they might not be able to overcome. I think this might be one of those series that goes to seven.
Flyers in 7

New Jersey (4) — New York R. (5)

This will be a scrappy, ridiculous, series. The two teams are natural enemies, being so geographically close. Look to see Sean Avery mixing it up, as per usual. Martin Brodeur will have to continue his big play in big games. Lundqvist is fairly questionable I think.
New Jersey in 6


Q-girl said...

Oh, if only your NJ in 6 prediction could come true. Sadly the regular season stats between NJ and the Rangers do not bode well for the Devils. Neither do the first two losses at home. Why NJ, Why? Oh how I detest the Rangers.

ps. Girls who love hockey are the best kind of girls.

Q-girl said...

pps. Lundqvist is the NYR 'tender, not DiPietro (NYI).