Friday, March 14, 2008

That game was pretty...

...pretty like a hippo in heat. What the heck happened? I'm of course talking about the Thursday night swing between the Ottawa Senators and the Canadiens. The swing that ended 3-0 in favour of the Sens. Let's be honest here, the Senators aren't exactly a team of defensive specialists — the Canadiens just seemed to be snakebitten. And Guy Carbonneau juggled his lines in practice today. The loss also "plummeted" the Canadiens from first to sixth spot in the East. I use the word plummet loosely here...there are only NINE points separating first from eighth. I'd expect that since most of the remaining games are not only within Conference, but within Division, there will be a lot more shuffling in the standings before April 7.

Other devastating news that I came across today is that CBC is cancelling the show MVP after just one season. The show has filled the void that has been missing since the show Powerplay disappeared from CTV back in 2000.

And just one more piece of news that is less-than-awesome. Looks like Sidney Crosby has returned to the game a bit too soon. The young Pittsburgh Penguins star has been experiencing pain, after sustaining a high ankle sprain on January 18. He returned to play March 4, but decided to sit out on Wednesday, originally planning to just sit out one game. However that has now turned into being sidelined for at least a week, probably missing another 3 games.

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