Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Martin who?

ok, maybe that's too far. In fact I love Martin Brodeur, he's one of the greatest goalies ever. But he did just get 4 goals scored on him, and Montreal Canadiens rookie Carey Price just got his second NHL shutout.
Now I'm not sure if Brodeur is really to blame in all of this. All four goals were absolutely beautiful, thread-the-needle passing plays by the fast Montreal forwards, that left the big, slow New Jersey defenseman with their heads spinning.

The Canadiens have the most 40 point-plus players in the league, meaning that they are very effective at pulling goals from all lines. Yes. Even Micheal Ryder got a goal. Ryder seems to be one of those streaky players — perhaps that is what is happening right now... right into the playoffs?

Before this game the Canadiens were 1 point back of the Devils and this win went a long way to help the Canadiens secure at least first in their division, and possibly the conference (although the Devils do have a game at hand).

Also worth a notable note, the Montreal fans have been absolutely fantastic, and it was especially noticed by the Versus commentators tonight. They were loud and energetic all night and gave the Habs a loud standing ovation for pretty much the last two minutes of the game.

And from the good to the absolutely terrible, the Toronto Maple Leafs. So of course the media managed to create this glimmer of hope for this deplorable team that they could possibly, maybe make the playoffs. As of today, they were in control of their own destiny. They only had the small task of winning the next 11 of 12 games. EASY! (most of which are against division rivals or other teams on the brink of the playoffs as well.) *insert snicker here*

Tonight they played the Philadelphia Flyers, and somehow they managed to pull out a 4-3 win, even though they were down 3-0 at the beginning of the third. Now it was a 4-3 win in overtime, they still get their two points, but Philadelphia got a point too. And last time I checked the Flyers were ahead of the Leafs... yup, they still are.

I'm not sure what this OT win means now. I am almost certain I heard they needed to win both of the home and home with the Flyers in regulation. I think we're pretty safe in saying the Leafs aren't making the playoffs. Actually I'm pretty sure that was safe to say roughly around Christmastime.

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