Friday, March 28, 2008

Leafs are out of playoffs... no kidding.

We all knew that this was inevitable. It was pretty much obvious in January. But MATHEMATICALLY until today the Leafs were still "in it" and the fans and media seemed to think that despite they were behind Buffalo and Washington who have been playing extremely strong in the second half of the season they were going to make the playoffs. Well I guess it was amusing watching the fans and the Toronto media get their hopes up. All to come crashing down. Crashing down like a giant save by Wade Dubielewicz. And so something that was pretty darn obvious for months is finally in writing for all Leafs fans...BEHOLD!

Of course, it is the Leafs fans, so they'll probably "keep on hoping". Hoping that perhaps one of the top eight teams manages to catch the Bubonic plague and have to drop out of the playoffs.

At least this guy accepts it.

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