Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A few notes from last night.

I am currently watching Crosby play in his first game back, and although his hands seem to be a bit rusty... he looks great! Although my enthusiasm was just curbed when I noticed the standings:

Just a few tidbits from last night: ovechkin got his 50th goal... then 51 and 52. He would finish the night with 5 points; and after winning 6 in a row, the Bruins received a smackdown from the Caps, 10-2

As for the Montreal vs. San Jose game last night. The game didn't start until 11:30 pm my time, so I couldn't stay up for the whole thing, i left the Habs at the end of the first period where they were safely tied, 2-2. But from what I saw, WHAT - A - GAME! Lots of hitting, 4 goals in a period, and these guys never play each other. (have i mentioned lately how much I hate the NHL schedule?). Also, our favourite purse-snatcher (O'Byrne) even got his first NHL goal!

Alright, back to clicking back and forth between the 10 games on tonight (and a little bit of the US Presidential Primaries that seem to also be infatuating me.)

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