Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kovalev is #%*^ ING ridiculous.

Alexei Kovalev made the Bruins defence look even worse than Sheldon Souray. Kovalev scored the Canadiens first two goals of the night in jaw-dropping fashion, both were defense-splitting, soft-handed, make-Tim-thomas look simple type of goals. Those goals started the Canadiens toward their seventh straight win this season against the Bruins, with their final game of the season series on Saturday evening in Montreal. Should the Bruins lose that game on Saturday it could put their playoff hopes in jeaprody, especially the way that Washington is coming on.

There was a playoff atmosphere in Boston, as a hourd of fans travelled from Montreal for the game and made people notice them throughout the game.

Mike Komisarek left the game in the first period, with an injury which appeared to have to do with his knee or hip. It didn't look like much, just a bump with another player off the faceoff, but he hobbled off the ice favouring his knee. I haven't been able to find any word about the extent of his injury.

This win puts the Canadiens in first in the East, but the New Jersey does have 2 games at hand.

In other news, the Crosby-less Pittsburgh Penguins put up another notch in the win column against the Tampa Bay Lightening.

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