Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is today real?

am i really writing this blog right now? This is a test. Maybe i'm just asleep... and when i wake up tomorrow this post won't exist because what I experienced as March 29 wasn't March 29 at all. I was just dreaming about what March 29 would be like, if March 29 was a really gawd-awful, terrible day.

The day was going pretty good, I was hanging out this afternoon watching Jennifer Jones play Japan after losing to China yesterday and having to play an extra game to go to the finals of the World Championships. Jones came back from 3 points back, to steal a point in the extra end which sent them to the final to face China for a third time... third time's a charm?

Anyway, everything started going downhill shortly after that. I was enjoying a few brewskis at the Midtown Tavern in Halifax when suddenly i found myself sulking into those brewskis.... the Toronto Maple Leafs... yes that team that is neither going to make the playoffs, but isn't terrible enough to qualify for the top draft pick in the lottery... beat the Montreal Canadiens.... the team sitting atop the Conference.... 4-2. 4-2!??! are you serious?

To make it fair... the Canadiens were without a slew of important players. Defensive specialist Mike Komisarek is still out, captain Saku Koivu is out with a "foot injury" (Alexei Kovalev was wearing the "C") As well unsung hero Mark Streit who can play either D or forward was also out with a "foot injury. To make matters worse, Francis Bouillion took a nasty slap shot to the inside of the knee. He didn't leave the game but it didn't look like it tickled. Not to mention that Halak started in net instead of Price and let in some questionable goals.

Ok wait, let's talk about the fact that Halak started in nets instead of Price. When the Christobal Huet trade was executed, it was said that this solidified Price's spot as the top goaltender. If this is the case, why are the Canadiens starting Halak down the stretch to the playoffs? It is understandable that Price played last night and faced a lot of shots, but generally you want your goaltender on a roll and hot going into the playoffs. Besides, Price needs to get used to playing a lot... it's not exactly something that he's had a lot of practice at this season, since he and Huet basically alternated up until the trade deadline.

To make matters worse, i just got home and i'm really craving a flatbread pizza, which i can't make because i forgot to buy cheese this afternoon at the grocery store.

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