Thursday, March 6, 2008

Habs in the Desert

There was a glimmer of worry near the beginning of the third, that the Coyotes would actually somehow manage to win this game. But luckily normalcy prevailed and the boys were just being good sports, letting the Coyotes have a few goals. Good ol' Gretz must have some coaching ability because his team was been very disciplined... in the first two periods, giving up only 1 powerplay to the Canadiens. But that memo got lost in the third as the Coyotes gave up a couple powerplay chances and it cost them. Koivu popped one in off a scramble and then Markov got one from the point.

Can we mention the most ridiculous 2 on absolutely NOBODY breakaway ever? Sergei Kostitsyn to Higgins and back to Kostitsyn, Mikael Tellqvist lain out on the ice like a drunk passed out in a ditch... it looked so easy I almost felt bad for the Coyotes. Almost.
Final Score 4-2.

Also i would like the mention that enduring the AZ-TV feed on Centre Ice, was pretty close to unbearable... in fact i had the game on mute for most of the third. Yes boys, we get it, the Canadiens are from Quebec, and they speak french in Quebec...and isn't that cute, you guys figured out a few hockey terms en francais. But seriously, arreté, s'il vous plaît!!! They also managed to mention no less than 300 times, that Carey Price went fishing with Shane Doan.

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