Saturday, March 14, 2009

well, at least someone in Montreal won.

It just wasn't the Canadiens.

But the fans, well they just witnessed history. Tonight, they saw hometown boy Martin Brodeur tie Patrick Roy, another Quebecois goaltender, for the all-time win record (551) — and they made sure he knew they appreciated it.

The only problem is, it's an all-time win record. Meaning Broduer had to beat the Canadiens. And he did. So far the coaching change is going real well, eh? One helluva lucky overtime win and two losses. Perfect.

The fans serenaded the Canadiens players with well-deserved boos in the final 30 seconds of play (it was out of hand at 3-1) but as soon as the buzzer went they began cheering ... for Brodeur.

Congrats Martin Broduer.

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