Monday, March 9, 2009

Tight race in the East.

The Islanders are atop the standings — just barely. But they've won their last two games, whereas the Lightening who have equal amounts of games left are on a fantastic losing streak — they're really bringing it.

But the big story in this cluster-eff is the Atlanta "giant killers" Thrashers. They beat Montreal and then Calgary this past week.

They are seriously dropping the ball here. If the sport Extreme Ball Dropping existed, this would be it.

They're actually in danger of falling behind the Ottawa Senators, who have been shaky recently with two wins.

But despite the recent lack of determination by the Senators (and unluckily for the Thrashers), the Senators have two games at hand to completely get destroyed in. They also have two games left against Toronto — and the chances are good the Senators will prevail and lose both, since the Leafs are late-season choke artists, and always seem to win down the stretch.

Look out Atlanta, you're in dangerous territory here. You better get your act together.

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