Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well that is it folks. I think the trades are done coming in. And I have mild carpel tunnel setting in.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:41 PM 

"We know you got Olaf Kolzig, Jamie Heward, Andy Rogers and a fourth round draft pick in exchange for Richard Petiot. Can you explain that trade?" - James Duthie.

"no." - Brian Burke.

"Alright, Brian Burke, GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs." - James Duthie.

"..." - Brian Burke as his face cracks under the pressure of what appears to be a smile.

 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:40 PM 

The TSN panel is wondering about the legality of the latest Toronto trade. You can't trade money. And that's essentially what's happening in this situation.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:30 PM 

Some of the most effed up deals i can remember in a while. They kinda sound like those trades you used to see in the QMJHL back in the day. "Future considerations" anyone?
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:29 PM

Toronto is sending prospect Richard Petiot to Tampa for Olaf Kolzig (injured, going to retire), Jamie Heward (injured) and Andy Rogers (made of glass... first round draft pick in 2004 but has been floating the minors since) and a 4th round pick.

Apparently what this is... is Toronto essentially buying a draft pick off of Tampa. They're taking on about a half million bucks in salary from Tampa for players who are injured in return for that fourth round draft pick.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:28 PM 

Completely off topic. A friend just sent me this.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:14 PM 

Brian Burke doesn't like the idea of asking players to waive their no-trade clauses. That's fine. I think that it's part of the contract and it should be honoured. However, Brian Burke also just said that only "elite" players get these clauses. Toronto gives it out like candy on Hallowe'en. I assume this will change under Burke.... because he hates everyone.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:12 PM 

haha that rhymes and it's true. I'm pretty much a genius. Like seriously I'm watching his presser right now. And he's basically saying that a month ago before he called out Antropov in the media, that there was "not a prayer" he would have gotten a second round pick for him. That's cold. You're a jerk.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:10 PM 

Brian Burke is such a jerk.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:08 PM 

From the interview though, it sounds like Cole is a little sad? Weird.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:05 PM 

Ok, so. Carolina picked up Patrick O'Sullivan from the Kings for Justin Williams. Then Edmonton picked up O'Sullivan from Carolina for Erik Cole.

so Erik Cole is actually back in Carolina. Just like Gord Miller jokingly said like an hour ago. This is crazy. Is Gord Miller psychic? This is unreal. Good move for both sides. Erik Cole belonged in Carolina, he plays well with Eric Staal.

Erik Cole says he's "surprised"
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 5:04 PM

hahaha TSN is so bored they're trading commentators.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:59 PM 

Ok... there's some sort of trade including Patrick O'Sullivan and possibly Eric Cole... Edmonton, Carolina and LA? I'm lost.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:54 PM 

Ok, looking at that Wisniewski trade i'm left a little baffled. Wiz has been a fairly solid D-man for Chicago with 12 points and a good plus/minus... whereas Pahlsson (a forward) is -16 with 15 points. Wisniewski was a healthy scratch in early February, and there's been a few rumours that he's not getting along with coach Joel Quennville (similar rumours were flying about Brian Campbell) but it's not really an even move.


Thumbs down.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:51 PM 

Yarg. is imploding on itself.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:43 PM 

Yup, James Wisniewski is heading from the Chicago Blackhawks to the Anaheim Ducks. Blackhawks are picking up Sami Pahlsson.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:40 PM 

Kyle McLaren is heading the the Flyers. San Jose had a cap issue and had McLaren in the AHL. blockbuster. *rolls eyes*
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:38 PM 

"ERIC COLE BACK TO CAROLINA!!!! no no! sorry guys. I was just joking. Sorry I got into Pierre's mixture there and got a little excited."
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:37 PM 

Looks like Wiz is leaving Chicago.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:36 PM 

"Have an opinion for once Pierre." - Duthie.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:33 PM 

I just snorted water through my nose.

"I'm overwhelmed... with ... brain matter." - Pierre McGuire on the situation in Tampa Bay after Darren Dreger said that they were situating themselves for free agent season.
-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:32 PM

"How do you feel about being traded to New York Nik Antropov?"

Rough Translation (he does have an accent): "Well gee, i'm just damn excited to get out of this shitshow."

"No kidding."
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:28 PM 

Shovel the driveway???
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:24 PM

The Canadiens recalled Marc Denis from the AHL. Halak is out with the flu. Looks like Price will get a chance to get his spot back.
-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:20 PM


What a let down. Sigh.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:17 PM 
Live presser with Darryl Sutter in Calgary. He's wearing a plaid shirt. That kills me.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:12 PM 

haha these guys are so sick of each other, they've been going since 8 a.m. and there's still NHL on TSN tonight. That's a long arse day. Duthie may just murder one of them before puck drop tonight.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:11 PM 

Wins and Fails?

Montreal: Fail. They needed a centre, it was expected that after the Robert Lang injury that they would make some sort of trade.

Ottawa: Win. Pascal Leclaire might have fixed their ketchup goaltending problem...

Toronto: Tie? I guess? They traded for draft picks. Picked up Gerber? Gah?

 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:08 PM 

Apparently Dominic Moore is traded. Maybe. Also Pocahontus Ponikarovsky is on the move?
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:04 PM 

hello? NHL GMs? Did you forget what day it is? hello? Where are you?
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:03 PM

3PM EASTERN — deadline hits.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:00 PM 

Pheonix Coyotes send Derek Morris to the Rangers.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 4:00 PM 

Biggest non-story ever. Bouwmeester is sticking in Florida.
-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:59 PM

We're six minutes off of the deadline. But sometimes the trades don't leak until well after the deadline. Let's hope?
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:53 PM

News out of Toronto from Cory Worron. Apparently the Leafs are now trying to move Gerber? They just picked him up off waivers. Why would someone... give up something.... after they could have had him for nothing yesterday? Oh Toronto... so so so so silly.
-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:52 PM

Rangers are sending draft picks back to the Leafs. Moving Antropov is probably the absolute worst-kept secret. Brian Burke seems to hate euros more than Don Cherry and Antropov is unrestricted July 1 so he was getting the hell out of that shitshow called Toronto.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:51 PM 

-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:47 PM

Looks like it's Dan Carcillo heading to the Flyers and Upshall is heading to Pheonix. Sucks for Upshall. going from playoffs and a damn good chance at a good run... to .... pheonix. yay?
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:46 PM

-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:44 PM

Meanwhile, Don Cherry and Alex Ovechkin are in a cat fight now.

"I am predicting somebody's going to get him, and somebody's going to get him good" - Don Cherry on Ovechkin's post-goal celebrations.

From the Toronto Star:

WASHINGTON – Alex Ovechkin laughed off Hockey Night in Canada analyst Don Cherry's criticism on Saturday night of his exuberant goal celebrations.

"He's a funny guy and old guy. He likes old-fashioned hockey," Ovechkin
said yesterday after scoring his NHL-high 46th goal in Washington's 6-2
loss to Florida. "He's not interesting to me, so he can say whatever he
wants. I don't care about him."

Said Capitals coach Bruce
Boudreau of his "idol" Cherry: "Even the smartest people in the world
are wrong sometimes, and I just thought he was wrong."

Seems like the media is jumping all over this. Although seriously I clearly remember Cherry saying the same thing about Jarmior Jagr. He also called Sidney Crosby a hot dog. When Crosby was like... 17? Cherry just likes to pick on the big stars to get attention. Good job media. You've given him exactly what he wants.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:41 PM 

"Did the economy kill trade deadline?" - James Duthie.
Great. Just great. The economy killed journalism job prospects and now it's killing trade deadline too? waaaaaah.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:37 PM 

Advertising win. I have the TSN live trade tracker open and noticed the ads along the bottom.
Does this not look like the Walmart happy face that's been shot in the side of the head? Well it forced me to click on it. It's for the Watchmen movie.
-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:33 PM

James Duthie just lost his mind on live television. He said something about his daughter. Lady Gaga. and Poker face. all in the same sentence.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:28 PM

I just spent the last five minutes looking for the TSN footage of John Tortorella from back when that sloppy seconds thing came about where Torts calls Avery an ass. I can't find it. That makes me sad. I'm gonna keep lookin.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:20 PM

Dutchie just called someone chunky trunks? I think he was calling Pierre McGuire that? haha. Can't handle this. I think the 50 TSN commentators they have in today are going loopy with the lack of moves.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:16 PM 

TSN just showed footage of the New York Rangers practice. Tortorella and Avery united. Apparently Avery will be in the lineup for the next Rangers game.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:15 PM

Apparently the trade for Guerin is "conditional". There's something about the first-born child of Mario Lemieux.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:08 PM  

Less than an hour to go. Time for the panic trades. Yay.
-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:06 PM

I do get real fired up when I hear those Molson commercials. They're always so right... there have been many times I wish I had left the sippy-cup lid on my beer. And i'm sure the dude in front of me wished even more.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:03 PM 

Penguins sit in the final playoff spot in the East, 1 point ahead of Caroline Hurricanes (equal games played). Keith Jones just went on record to say that they WILL make the playoffs. I'm still unsure. It's close.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 3:01 PM 

Bill Guerin to the Penguins.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:59 PM 

Anyone want to make up some fake trades? Let's do it. 
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:58 PM 

BAHAHA Ryan Rishaug in Edmonton. Fernando Pisani left he ice and then MacTavish left the ice. The reporters frantically made phone calls to find out that.... wait for it.... wait for it.....
practice is over.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:57 PM 

Holy Wayne Gretzky... did I just say Megan Fox in my blog. You know it's a slow trade deadline when...
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:54 PM 

From Jay Onrait's liveblog: "Devin Wells just wrote in with some disturbing news: Megan Fox and
Brian Austin Green are apparently back together. I am officially

Onrait was seen on TV earlier sporting a retro Geno Reda mug. That could be the source of your depression Jay....
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:53 PM 

Like Seriously!

-Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:38 PM 

Although I wonder how this guy feels. He's like a trade deadline hooker.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:30 PM 

Bruins are stacking themselves for a playoff run. He's a good guy to
have in the dressing room. They look like the team to beat in the East
right now.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:27 PM 

Mark Recchi to the Bruins.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:24 PM 

so... So far I think that the Jokinen pickup by Calgary is going to be
good. BUT I think the most interesting to me is Ottawa picking up
Pascal Leclaire. They drop young gun Antoine Vermette, but I think it's
worth it. It will be interesting to see how Leclaire reacts to the
pressures of playing in Ottawa. Because let's face it, Columbus is not
a hockey mecca. But it does seem to work out well for both teams.
Leclaire is injured so Columbus is not losing anything this season and
for next season it can be assumed Steve Mason will be given permanent
#1 status. Also Toronto, as expected, picked up Martin Gerber off
waivers. After years of goaltending foibles in Ottawa, they could have
someone solid. If Leclaire can manage to play an entire season.
  -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:23 PM 

morning I sat in class wondering "why am I here in Radio Documentary
class attempting to keep track of the trade updates on my iPod touch?"
And then my iPod Touch's battery died. I cried a little.
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:14 PM

finally here. We're about 2 hours off of deadline time. There's already
been a few trades (Olli Jokinen being the biggest name so far, but the
Sens have been busy as well).
 -Jenn Casey 3/4/09 2:13 PM


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