Friday, June 13, 2008

No longer orphans.

Three teams have been removed from the orphan list this week as they found head coaches.

The Toronto Maple Leafs hired Ron Wilson, the former head boss for the San Jose Sharks, the Leafs brass apparently wanted someone who was well accustomed to dealing with underachieving. (ummm?) However, unlike former coach Paul Maurice, Wilson is not promising that the team will make the playoffs (probably a safe assumption), and noted that this will certainly be a rebuilding period (what was the last 5 years?).

Anyway I can't help but note the opportunity missed here, I've said this before but I want to repeat these two things again: John Tortorella and Toronto Media. Why, oh, why was this opportunity missed? John Tortorella has always been at odds with the media, and he also loves calling out his own players to them. Can you imagine what it would've been like in a city where the press probably follows the head coach home at night and stakes out the house like paparazzi I am absolutely certain that if they had have hired him, it would've ended in a giant press conference clearing brawl.

Okay, I'm done with the Tortorella dream. Back to the orphan teams, San Jose picked up Todd McLellan (former assistant with the Detroit Red Wings). This is McLellan's first head coaching position, we'll see how that shitwagon rolls when the season starts.

Finally, and possibly the most intriguing. The Ottawa Senators picked up Craig Hartsburg as their new head coach. This will definitely be an interesting ride, he has won taken Canada's World Junior hockey team to back-to-back golds... But, it's Ottawa, the team is a little... off. If Dany Heatley plays the way he did at the World Championships this year then maybe they'll be in business. But if Jason Spezza plays like he did at the World Championships, maybe not. It also really depends on a ton of off season stuff... July 1 will really be huge for the Senators. So Hartsburg definitely inherits a team that has their share of issues. God speed, Hartsy... at least it's not the Leafs job?

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