Monday, June 9, 2008

Lord Thunderin.

are. you. serious?

CTV reported today that it has bought the exclusive rights to the Hockey Night in Canada theme that CBC failed to secure after using the song as it's theme for 40 friggin years. TSN will now use the theme on its NHL on TSN broadcasts, and the 2010 Olympics.

This move by CTV has now solidified it's obvious goal of stealing absolutely everything from CBC (and take over the world... but that one was obvious). Don't believe me? Check out the sentence above. 2010 Olympics. CTV managed to pry the rights away from CBC for the Olympics back in early 2005. Two years later they narrowly missed grabbing the rights to all NHL games in Canada.

Since they couldn't get they're grubby hands on that they went on to grab the rights to the CFL, after about 50 years on CBC. No big deal. It's only 50 years.

Only 50 years? Not impressive eh? Well fine, let's take the Curling Brier from CBC, they had that for like 60 or something.

Let's not even mention one of TSN's most gifted hockey colour commentators, Chris Cuthbert, was swooped up after CBC decided to drop him during the CBC lockout of 2005. I'm sure Ron MacLean would've followed if there hadn't been a national uprising (via e-mail... the Canadian way) to defend MacLean.

The only redeeming thing about CTV stealing CBC's song, is apparently Stompin Tom Connors would be open to licensing his equally famous song "The Hockey Song" to the CBC. Which, would be much better than some crappy song that'll win the national contest that's proposed.

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