Thursday, June 12, 2008

Told you so.

Guys, I won't lie. I didn't watch the NHL Awards. I am told by sources who watched that Craig Simpson co-hosted and did a bang up job. I'm really sad I missed my last fill of Ron MacLean Puns until the fall. And I'm super upset that I didn't see the music montage, what music montage? I have no idea, I'm sure there was one. But I had a soccer game.

Anyway, just as National Passtime, told you a few days ago, Alexander Ovechkin won the Hart Trophy (I really went out on a limb with that one.) He also took home the Lester B. Pearson (MVP as voted by the players).

Patrick Kane won the Calder Trophy (although Toews is still my pick, cuz he's a MONSTER!)

Bruce Boudreau took the Jack Adams (I have problems with this... weren't the Capitals supposed to be a good team? And didn't most major media outlets have the Canadiens finishing somewhere around 13th in the East this year? Oh, wait didn't they finish first? Oh, wait. Yes they did. Carbo was robbed.)

Pavel Datsyuk took home both the Lady Byng (sportsmanlike) and the Selke (two-way forward).

Martin Brodeur won another Vezina (Nabokov was roooooobbed.)

And Jason Blake won the Bill Masterton for his battling through leukemia all season.

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