Friday, June 6, 2008

Hockey Withdrawal Syndrome: Day 1

I'm getting the hand shakes, guys. What do you mean if I turn on my TV, there will be no hockey? I don't understand. I think it's still setting in. I'm tempted to grab that 1987 Canada Cup box set and throw it in the DVD player. But it's too early. There's too much time ahead. I'll crash and burn if I do that. I should probably wait until at least July... That's the month where it really gets bad.

At least the Halifax Mooseheads open their training camp in mid-August. That's when all of Halifax crams into Cole Harbour Place in shorts and t-shirts and watches some inter-squad games. Yes, we get that desperate. Inter-squad games. Blue verses Grey. Fights galore.

Speaking of Canada Cup (now World Cup), due to my calculations there should be one this year. The last was 2004. Every four years. Wait... What?! They're not having it this year? OK, the world is truly out to get me. At least there's some lingering hockey-related things in the near future:

NHL Awards: June 14 12

NHL Draft: June 20-21

Contract Doomsday: July 1

NHL season opens with games in Prague and Stockholm: OCTOBER 4 (my rough calculations put that 120 days, 2 hours, 35 minutes away)

And one quick update on the Hockey Night in Canada national disaster. Apparently the CBC is still in "negotiations" with the composer and her agent for a new contract. Remember a few years ago when the CBC wasn't going to re-sign Ron MacLean to the show and the nation rose up in a collective cry? It appears to be a similar situation.


Matt said...

Jenn, I feel the exact same way. I am counting down the days until Seadogs training camp opens. This years withdrawl is less for me bacause a) the Sens are not the ones that were so close and b) The Euro cup will be on wall to wall for the next month. While soccer cannot replace, it can alieviate the withdrawl. That is r-tarded that they are not having a World Cup this year, I want revenge on the Ruskies.

Q-girl said...

There is always still the Calder cup.