Sunday, April 19, 2009

Win/Fail: Playoff Edition II

I am going to lock the doors of the Wachovia Centre from the outside so all the stupid:


are trapped amongst themselves and can't bother the rest of humanity any more.



There's intimidating fans, the seventh player, they can make the difference in a series. They're loud, they're unified, and they can pick a team up when they need it. And then there's the Flyers fans, who act like a bunch of hooligan children who had too much sugar with their breakfast and their mom couldn't care less cuz she's hungover as hell.

"Crosby Sucks!"

Good lesson for the kids in the crowd.

Someone who IS allowed to eat some sugary cereal for breakfast are the designers at:


and hell, have a Mimosa or Caesar while you're at it.


The playoff version of the site is fantastic. I distinctly remember fumbling through the site last year after I had missed a few nights of games. I was trying to figure out what series was at how many games. It was gross. This year it's well-organized, and most importantly it has the updated series statuses in several easy-to-see places. Oh yah, and it looks real purrrty too.


Q-girl said...

I support the Flyers. Does that make me a bad person?

Jenn Casey said...

No. I still like you. Just make sure you get out before I lock the doors. ahhaha