Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"He sweats grease, so no, he’s greasier than ever."

The Canadian Press, Friday April 3, 2009

EDMONTON -- With a five-word text message, Edmonton Oilers' owner Daryl Katz took the heat off embattled coach Craig MacTavish Thursday and put it directly on his players.

Katz's unequivocal vote of confidence for MacTavish was delivered by way of text message to Bob Stauffer, the team's radio analyst and pre-game show co-host with 630 CHED, before a 2-1 loss to the San Jose Sharks

It read: "MacT is not going anywhere."


That was two weeks ago.

I'm sure Katz could've afforded to add the extra words, "...if we make the playoffs." Because today Craig MacTavish became the most recent homeless NHL coach.

There are always the arguments that pop up when a coach is fired. Maybe the General Manager gave him crappy players. Maybe nobody can make Ales Hemsky play a full season. Maybe it's the coaching style. Maybe MacT took a few too many hits to the head back in his playing days. Maybe the city put too much pressure on a team that was destined for mediocrity. Maybe there's an inability to keep players that they sign (cough cough... Chris Pronger). Maybe they should've kept Ryan Smyth. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.

But one thing is not a maybe. You don't send text messages to a radio station host saying that a coach is safe, only to yank the carpet from beneath his feet two weeks later.


In honour of MacT... go watch this vid.

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