Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today was the day, and I was already behind.

A few duthie-isms to hold you over until tonight...

what's tonight you ask?

Besides Tuesday.

void of hockey.

and still effing cold.


see you then.

"I wonder if John Tortorella will keep up this calm, rational, media-friendly persona that he has adopted in New York. Or will he eventually snap, and stick a pen in some reporters' neck after blowing a third period lead in Game 3. I kinda hope it's the latter. I miss the old Torts."

"I wonder if I could eat the foot-high chocolate bunny I bought for my kids in one sitting. It is currently lying on the table next to me, whispering, “C'mon, eat me…I know you want to.” I wonder if made a mistake sharing that with you."

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