Friday, April 3, 2009

A big cluster-eff to the finish.

Boston, Washington and New Jersey have all clinched playoff spots, but the final 5 spots are pretty much wide open. With just over a week to go before the season ends.

So who will make it, and who will be sitting on the outside with the Leafs and Sens.

Currently the cut off for points is 89, but fouth place has 93. Anything could happen.


has a tough schedule down the stretch and the fewest games to get some points. But since the re-addition of Erik Cole, they've been on fire. They play Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Islanders, and New Jersey. I'd say they will win 2 of these games. Possibly get a point from an overtime loss.

Finish with 98 points.


The Flyers have six games left, but I would not like to be them. They play the Leafs, Senators, Islanders, Panthers and Rangers times two.

The leafs beat the flyers on Wednesday, although I can't see them letting that happen again. That's 2 points. The Senators have been on fire recently (hence the lack of draft lottery spot) but the Flyers may pull it off. 2 points. Islanders... 2 points. But the Panthers will win and they'll split the games with the Rangers. 2 points.

100 points.


It's hard to believe this team seemed like it was completely down and out a few months ago.

They've got Hurricanes, Panthers, Lightening, Islanders, and Habs. I'd guess that Pittsburgh beats the Hurricanes and certainly the Lightening are are terrible at the best of times and Lecavalier is done for the season. But the Islanders may become the giant killers down the stretch and the Panthers want a spot so damn desperately and they're losing Mr. Bouwmeester in the off-season so we'll put two in the L column. And It'll go to a shootout with Montreal... cuz it seems to with these two teams. Give the extra point to the Pens.

98 points.


Yuckiest schedule ever. yes. I just said "yuckiest". This schedule warrents it. Trust me.

Leafs, Sens, Rangers, Boston, Pittsburgh. Three Northeast division rivals and two teams also fighting to keep their playoff arses. However, the Canadiens have been clicking ... again.

They'll grab points against the Leafs and Sens, we've said they'll go to a shootout with the Pens sot there's a single point. They'll lose to Boston, beat the Rangers.

97 points.

NY Rangers

They're out. I've said it. They currently sit in eight. They're out.

They have four games left, Canadiens, Bruins and a home-and-home with the Flyers.

They win one game out of the four. They could possibly end up with an extra point somewhere for an overtime appearance.

91 points ... maybe 92.


Florida needs a lot of other stuff to go right. They need teams like the Islanders to play the role of giant killers down the stretch and they need to win a few themselves too. But I have them in. 8th spot.

They play Atlanta twice, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Washington.

Atlanta twice, who made this schedule? They'll probably split it though. 2 points agains the Pens and flyers. One more for good measure in the L column against Washington.

93 points.

This will probably all end up being completely incorrect. But it sure was fun. Sit back and relax and take in the gongshow that is end of the season hockey. That is, unless you're a fan of one of the teams below. But even so, what a great time of year. You get to watch journalists do math, see teams that have no hope in hell to make the playoffs shatter the dreams of those on the brink (see: wade dubielewicz and 2007 Leafs playoff hopes), and see everything go to the final second of the final game.

For some, next Sunday is going to seem a bit too far away.

4th > 100 Flyers
5th > 98 Carolina
6th > 98 Pittsburgh
7th > 97 Montreal
8th > 93 Florida
9th > 91 NY Rangers

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"Dave Schultz" said...

I have to think/hope Carolina will win more than 2 of those, they have the best chances against Buffalo and Islanders, iffy against New Jersey, same with Pittsburgh. They're able to do it, but will they? This time of year kills me.