Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ok, now you can bring Avery back.

Because if anyone will have that little moron shaking in his boots, it's Torts.

Yes, the Big Apple just got a little more entertaining.

It's another one of those moments that just seems scripted. Torts will make his coaching debut with his new team in Toronto where he will bask amongst his former co-workers at TSN and the Toronto media.

I'm so happy to have my old John Tortorella back — I missed him. The screaming, yelling, swearing, f-bomb dropping Tortorella, that is. So much more fun than the reflective, non-swearing, analytical Tortorella we got on TSN (although to his defense, he did let a few drop here and there.)

Regardless. There is nothing like a good post-game interview with John Tortorella when his team played like donkey shit. And now he's with the New York Rangers. So that possibility is highly probable.

What a nice pre-trade deadline treat.

and while I was writing this post.

It's looking like a debut against the Colorado Avalanche on Thursday is the plan.

For the conspiracy theorists out there.
Sounds like Peter Stoffer drank the koolaid.

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