Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy 1-Year Anniversary National Passtime.

Yes, my friends, it's been a full year of random ramblings, expletives and making fun of Toronto together.

This great blog started from my desk at the Halifax Scotiabank call centre after secretly watching TSN Tradecentre while attempting to take calls. I had wanted to write a blog for a while, but it was that Huet trade (and the Hossa trade) that drove me into this.

And nearly 300 posts later (comon now, summer is for drinking on the beach) a lot has changed — in hockey and in life.

I quit my job at Scotiabank, and embarked on a one-year journalism degree. (look out, world!) There, I met 40 of the most random people from across the country... ever.

Then there's the randomness that hockey brought us.

Remember when Sean Avery said that 'sloppy seconds' thing? Sidney Crosby missed his second all-star game. Jonathan Toews became a full-blown Captain Monster. We had the Sundin Saga, the Brian Burke Saga (aka saga #2), the Ottawa Senators train-wreck saga. Canada won its 5th straight gold at the World Juniors. Detroit owned the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals. Halifax hosted the World Championships (and lost in the final to Russia). CBC lost the Hockey Night in Canada theme... then TSN bought it. And speaking of TSN, my love of James Duthie, reached creepy-stalker-love levels... although I blame my friend Dan for taking it to that new level.

But after all that, you know what's greater and funner — besides making up words??

My actual birthday is in 2 days.

Trade Doomsday... 5 days.

bust out the desk rum, should be a good week!

Cheers. (and thanks for reading)


"Dave Schultz" said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

kingperry said...

Mr. Lecavlier is staying in Tampa Miss Casey.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Q-girl said...

Oh happy day (albeit one day late). The Moose gave you a much better bloggyday gift than they gave me.