Monday, February 16, 2009

Creepy Stalker Love.

My friend Dan went to the All-Star game. Yes, yes, I hate him too.

But he's pretty awesome.

When he told me that he brought me back a present from the All-Star game I was pretty stoked.

I mean, think of all the people that converged on the All-Star game. Some of my favourite players, Jon Toews, Sid Crosby and Brian (Soupy) Campbell.

But none of those compare to what he actually brought back.

Dan brought back his All-Star weekend pass signed by none other than...

...TSNs James Duthie.

oh. my. god. Awesome!

Apparently Dan mentioned that I had a reporter crush on him and that I too, had also gone to Carleton (it was only for a year, but that's okay).

If by now you're like... "who in the heck is James Duthie? And why are you so goddamned excited?"

To answer those questions, i'll send you on a little archival journey. A regular feature at the
National Passtime is duthie-isms. Which are Funny quotes from James Duthie's blog and NHL on TSN broadcasts.

And for that second question. Nobody said I was cool.

It's now creepy stalker love. Sorry Duth.

Me with my prize from All-Star Weekend.

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