Saturday, October 4, 2008

Live Bloggin, NHL 2008-09 OPENS!

Well folks, I think that's it. My laptop battery is just about dead.
Later homies!
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:44 PM 

So Ron MacLean had a silver Apple Powerbook in front of him at the beginning of the show. I actually made a quick note because I myself am a Mac user. I just notice now that they've placed a Hockey Night In Canada sticker over the apple logo. haha really? How come you can have a crap Dell computer sitting there and that's ok? weird.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:39 PM 

"It's almost as if Malkin needs a cookie or something. And then his confidence comes out" - Kelly Hrudey
"Well if he wants a cookie i'll buy him an economy pack of Oreos" - Mike Milbury
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:35 PM 

Ummmmm. Ok first the referees change their mind on the faceoff. And now CBC has to change the 3 stars?
so... they should read as: 3. Malkin, 2. Heatley, 1. Kennedy

What is going on?! I'm so confused.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:31 PM 

Overall it was a good game. It's a bit unfortunate that the first two periods were a constant flood to the penalty box. But there was some good action in the third, and you can't beat a good overtime win. I'll be interested to see if the teams are a little more comfortable on their special teams (and don't take as many dumb penalties) in tomrrows game. It's less than 24 hours away! Puck drop is at 3:30 AST again tomorrow.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:29 PM 

Three Stars: 3. Malkin, 2. Spezza, 1. Kennedy
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:26 PM 

GOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLL... Pittsburgh Wins the Game 4-3.
Tyler Kennedy with his second of the night.
Gerber lets in another bad goal.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:26 PM 

End of third period. 3-3.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:17 PM 

Kind of an uneventful third period. There is some good end to end action. And the whistle seems to have been put away.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 6:11 PM 

GOAL... Pittsburgh: Rob Skuderi.
first goal in 95 games! nice wrist shot. perfect pass from Crosby.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:51 PM 

Ottawa has a two-man advantage right now. Crosby is out there killing it. Is there anything he can't do? (besides find his way to the airport).
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:47 PM 

Since we have talked about Iginla twice so far today... I thought i'd let you all know an extremely important detail... Wikipedia says this is Jarome's full name: Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla. Good God!
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:40 PM 

I don't know if "excited" is a word to use when talking about a one of the deadliest First World War battles involving Canadians. But I am really looking forward to Passchendaele, the epic movie directed/written/starred in by Paul Gross. The movie is one of the most expensive films made in Canada. Gross turned a portion of Alberta into a muddy, stark mess almost exactly as it would have been in 1917 and it's extremely historically accurate. Anyway I just saw the trailer for the movie and it looks amazing. It opens October 13, so if you've got a chance to see it. go.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:36 PM 

Toronto’s Ryan Hollweg was in three scraps last night against St.
Louis. Fist-trick! If you are trying to send a message to your
opponent, or impress your coach, wouldn’t one or two suffice? Jerome
Iginla almost dropped them with Nathan McIver in the Flames-Canucks game, until Corey Sarich wisely stepped in. Imagine Iggy breaking a hand in a 6-1 pre-season game. Oopsie. Hello 12th place.
- James Duthie.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:28 PM 

End of period two.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:25 PM 

GOAL... Ottawa: Spezza.
Shorthanded, 3 on 2 breakaway, over the glove. It appears powerplays are now cursed.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:23 PM 

Can someone please tell me why CBC is broadcasting in Punjabi?
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:17 PM 

GOAL... Ottawa: Dany Heatley.
Powerplay. all alone in the slot. wrist shot over the shoulder of Fluery. (And there's 3 points in my pool).
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:12 PM 

I am always so confused around this time of year. I try my best to stay up to date on all the movement in the offseason but sometimes it's tough with the smaller moves. Especially when there are two players in the league with the exact same name. Looks like the Ottawa Senators picked up former Halifax Moosehead, Alexandre Picard.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:11 PM 

ummm, Mad Max Talbot is fighting with his former teammate Jarkko Ruutu
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:07 PM 

#%@& I love chips!
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:04 PM 

I'm still not getting the new Scotiabank commercial. Where the mom finds the Art Ross trophy in the closet and she wanders through the house with it... (there's a kid driving a full sized zamboni in the backyard... but let's stay on track here.) She goes out front where Jarome Iginla is playing street hockey. "Who left the Art Ross Trophy in the closet?" and Jarome owns up to it and he gets a scorn from the mom.
First of all this obviously isn't his mom so why is she scorning him? (see: age of bearing children, skin colour). My other question is how did Jarome get the Art Ross. I seem to remember that Ovechkin kid winning it last. Is Ovechkin alright? Did Jarome tie him up and steal it? Why did he hide it in some random person's closet? I'm lost. Oh hockey's back on....
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 5:02 PM 

GOAL... Pittsburgh: Evgeni Malkin. shorthanded breakaway. I've just noticed now that Malkin has been given the "A".
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:53 PM 

If Ed stole my wallet on my way to buy a Proline ticket I would begin shaking every beer he owned.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:43 PM 

End of the first period.
Man am i hungry. Sorry guys. Heading to the store for something horrible for me.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:29 PM 

Maybe we should rename Hartsburg the jedi. I think he just used jedi mind tricks to have the referees change the faceoff spot.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:26 PM 

Crosby standing all alone beside the net. Puck didn't come to him, but it could've. man i'm deep.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:24 PM 

And the constant stream of Senators to the penalty box is continuing. Chris Neil took a dumb dumb dumb penalty. Hitting from behind.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:20 PM 

Has anyone ever seen Timbits Hockey? For a couple minutes there this looked exactly like it... but bigger.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:20 PM 

Have I mentioned the Penguins offseason debacle? Can I add Jarkko Ruutu to that subject? He's blocking shots. BLOCKING SHOTS in the first game of the season. There are some players out there that only block a shot if it accidentally hits the on the ass while they're trying to skate back from the offensive zone.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:18 PM 

questionable penalty to the sens
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:11 PM

GOAL... Ottawa: Shean Donovan
, deflection. mid period.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:06 PM

Malkin: you have a very nice shot. But you really need to hit the net.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:02 PM 

Man do I hate that penalty... delay of game for the puck over the glass. Chris Phillips is the first victim of the dumbest penalty of life.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 4:01 PM 

we got our first penalty. McAmmond playin a bit dirty behind the net. Let's see how this powerplay looks.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:57 PM 

GOAL... Pittsburgh: Tyler Kennedy
, 40 seconds in. Really bad goal by Gerber.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:53 PM 

Well good thing the commentators are actually in Sweden because the video keeps cutting out.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:53 PM 

14,119 people are at the game. But according to a piece by TSN yesterday, it's the "worst ice the players have ever played on".
Also Mats Sundin looks as though he's quickly become a hermit while "contemplating his future"... He's bald on top and he's got a strange blonde beard... maybe it's just that he missed growing a playoff beard during all those years with the Leafs.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:51 PM 

Mats Sundin is dropping the puck for the faceoff. Hey Mats... shouldn't you be doing something???
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:50 PM 

OH SWEET LORD... three anthems.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:48 PM

Dear anthem singer... sing faster. geez. 
-Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:45 PM

Sidney Crosby should grow his mullet back. 
-Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:45 PM

Speaking of Mike Milbury... so far he's made a reference to mice and cats (when speaking about Khabibulan) and today he made a reference about letting the dog out of the house. Not sure if he's wise enough to have made it on purpose.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:42 PM

CBC is showing a fairly scary band right now. Ron Maclean just called them "a poor man's Marilyn Manson"... and then he told Mike Milbury they'd get Michael Bublé for him. Good start guys. You might even call it great. 
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:37 PM 

Alright the first game is over, the Rangers took the first game 2-1. From the pieces that I saw, there wasn't much defense going on. CBC has both games today. Apparently though, the first game was commentated via monitor in Toronto. Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson are actually in Stockholm for this one. 
-Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:35 PM

Sorry everyone, I said 3pm (AST) but I got trapped at work.
 -Jenn Casey 10/4/08 3:26 PM 

Welcome to the first Live Bloggin of the new season. I trust all of your Hockey Withdrawal Syndrome symptoms have now faded and you're comfortably loafing on your coach with some beer and snacks.

While we're waiting for the game to start — I've tabulated my POWERRANKINGS (yes in my world IT'S ALL ONE WORD... HARDCORE!!!) for the upcoming season. Which, of course, was all very scientific... (it mostly involved rum and coke and pictures of the team logos). So, they're all probably horribly wrong. But that's why it's fun! Also I've put my rum-induced justifications in brackets beside each ranking.

The rankings take into account the silly standards that the NHL use for playoff positions. So the top three are the three who will finish atop their respective divisions, not necessarily who will finish with the most amount of points. Here we go:


division winners.

Montreal Canadiens 1. Montreal Canadiens (best powerplay, didn't lose many players of substance in offseason, scoring comes from all lines, Jesus Price, Kovalev's hair, Tanguay)

Philadelphia Flyers 2. Philadelphia Flyers (i'm kinda counting on Mike Richards to destroy all in his path...)

Washington Capitals 3. Washington Capitals (the rest of the division is not very good)

made the playoffs.

Ottawa Senators4. Ottawa Senators (they'll rebound... just not into the top of the division... *Dear Senators, you better rebound, I have Heatley in my pool, yes that was a threat*)

 Pittsburgh Penguins 5. Pittsburgh Penguins (From second!?! well, they lost ALOT of grit in that ridonkulous Hossa trade...Have I said it wasn't worth it lately? Yes? oh. And in the offseason... Gary Roberts is a monster, you realize that right? And Gonchar is out for 6 months; Whitney until December. Oh and they lost their enforcer, their scary enforcer. But i'm giving the rest of the kids the benefit of the doubt that they'll pull out a playoff worthy performance.)

Carolina Hurricanes 6. Carolina Hurricanes (Eric Staal carries team on shoulders)

New Jersey Devils 7. New Jersey Devils (Martin Brodeur carries team on shoulders in search of beating Patrick Roys records)

Tampa Bay Lightning 8. Tampa Bay Lightning (Most people have them out. I'm putting them in because I think the mad scheme the ownership put in place might just work.)


a few points out of playoffs.

Boston Bruins 9. Boston Bruins (some ridiculous injury will happen to one of their stars in ... January... sure, why not.)

New York Rangers 10. New York Rangers (every year I wager these guys will not make the playoffs. Even though everyone else has them in. Is this the year... that I am incorrect?)

Buffalo Sabres 11. Buffalo Sabres (seems like a good place for the Campbell-less, Satan-less *tehe* Sabres to finish)

no chance.

Florida Panthers 12. Florida Panthers

Atlanta Thrashers 13. Atlanta Thrashers

New York Islanders 14. New York Islanders

Toronto Maple Leafs 15. Toronto Maple Leafs (if they're wise... they'll finish here.)


division winners.

Detroit Red Wings 1. Detroit Red Wings (President's Trophy... again. I'm sure i'll rant about this at some point, but it's mostly based on the schedule and the fact they play their division [aka: the weakest, saddest teams] the most.)

Minnesota Wild 2. Minnesota Wild

Dallas Stars 3. Dallas Stars

made the playoffs.

San Jose Sharks 4. San Jose Sharks

Anaheim Ducks 5. Anaheim (mighty?) Ducks

Calgary Flames 6. Calgary Flames (Kipper finally adjusts to playing under Captain Hook.)

Edmonton Oilers 7. Edmonton Oilers (will kill themselves making the playoffs and lose in the first round.)

Chicago Blackhawks 8. Chicago Blackhawks (yes Patrick... this is the year.)

a few points back.

Nashville Predators 9. Nashville Predators

Vancouver Canucks 10. Vancouver Canucks

Phoenix Coyotes 11. Phoenix Coyotes (Wayne... you haven't a hope in hell. just sayin.)

not even close.

Colorado Avalanche 12. Colorado Avalanche (It appears I forgot the Avalanche got rid of Theodore... I stand by my "Barf" comment.)

Columbus Blue Jackets 13. Columbus Bluejackets (Rick Nash carries team into... mediocrity)

Los Angeles Kings 14. Los Angeles (I'm still baffled by the Cammalleri trade)

St. Louis Blues 15. St. Louis (don't worry guys... you'll get that first overall draft pick one of these years.)


Q-girl said...

Jose? No, no he is with the Caps now remember? It is worse then you can ever imagine...they are running with RAYCROFT. It is sad that there are good goalies out there without jobs and this guy is still pulling in close to a million dollars a year.

Pavelec is looking for a new gig, maybe Colorado can lend a hand.

Jenn Casey said...

oh ya! see i did say i get confused at this time of year. poor washington.

Q-girl said...

It was probably the Keith's beer that got to you.

Powerplays and Politics said...

Hey, here is a fun idea, don't threaten Sens fans. Especially because you want Assistant Captain Dany Heatley to get you points. That is all that guy does is get points (god knows he can't drive a car). So, don't threaten Sens or Heatley fans and I like the Ottawa v. Pitts first round match-up again.

Jenn Casey said...

haha. if only my threats amounted to anything more than a drunken verbal bashing of said threatened subject.