Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Keith.

October 5. Pretty much considered that last beer tent worthy party of the "summer". Today is the 213th birthday of Alexander Keith.

Most famous as a brewer (me and Mr. Keith are pretty good friends), he is also a former three-time mayor of Halifax. (And now you know the secret to a Haligonian's heart).

He came to Canada from Scotland and started his brewing company at the age of 25 in 1820.

And so every year the people of Halifax (And some other parts of Canada, since the brewery began exporting... although i'd argue it's taken a littler more seriously here.) celebrate his birthday.

In all reality it's mostly an excuse by the Keith's brewery to gather people in one spot and charge 6$ for a can of beer... but it's also an excuse to drink. So i'm Ok it. If you're in Halifax i'll see ya at the birthday concert tonight!


Alexander Keith

The brewery in the heart of downtown Halifax

The beer itself... in case for some reason you've never been introduced.

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