Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who will the Canadiens pick?

Probably someone stupid...

Okay, jokes aside, I'm intrigued to see who Bob Gainey will choose in this years draft. He seems to have a history of picking promising but flawed players. Carey Price is promising but he eats too many oreos... (and the team put too many expectations on him too early, causing him to eat even more oreos)

Then there's PK Subban, a very promising defenseman... if he could just learn that spinoramas at the d-line when you're last man back is a terrible, horrible, your-coach-has-an-aortic-aneurysm-and-throws-gatorade-at-your-face-during-intermission type thing.

TSN pundits have them picking either Louis Leblanc or Jordan Caron, both residents of the Montreal area. Which screams BAD IDEA!!! BAD IDEA!! to me. It seems every player that is the hometown boy and plays for montreal ends up having some sort of mental breakdown from the stress.

So who do I choose? Landon Ferraro.

Son of Ray Ferraro, he doesn't quite have the scoring prowess of his father, but he's a fantastic skater, and despite size will rough it up in the corners... something that should fit nicely with the Canadiens.

But Gainey will probably pick something dumb... like another goaltender.

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