Friday, June 26, 2009

this has fail written all over it.

From today,

"The Boston Bruins are in pursuit of Tomas Kaberle and a top 10 pick in today's draft. Sources tell TSN the Bruins have offered restricted free agent forward Phil Kessel to Toronto in exchange for the Leaf defenceman and Toronto's No. 7 pick in the draft."

Boston, listen, we don't like each other. In fact "not liking" you is probably a huge understatement. But, dont' do this to yourself. You don't want Tomas Kaberle. And if you really must have him, please don't give the Leafs Phil Kessel.

Phil Kessel is good, he gets like a point a game, he was a +23 last season, and the kid overcame ball cancer. The kid's got heart. Toronto will ruin him. They ruin all players who come neareth. Why would you send him there. Do you hate him? How could you hate him that much? Send him anywhere else if you can't pay him.

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