Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drafting fun.

So much is being made of the "mystery" behind the upcoming NHL draft this weekend.

Oh god, we don't know for sure who will go number one? Oh the humanity!

Some mystery... fact: the top two players play two different positions equally as well. Not every year can have a Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin. In fact the draft is usually more likely to have an Angelo Espisito instead.

In the stretch run towards the end of the season when the Ottawa Senators had a chance to lose their way to the best draft pick, everyone was calling it the Tavares Derby. I don't think it was ever the Tavares Derby. Back then I thought that the Senators would've taken Victor Hedman...because they needed a puck-moving defenseman after letting Zdeno Chara AND Wade Redden leave.

Of course this was before Dany "I just signed a long-term contract with this team but now i don't want to play with them anymore" Heatley decided to say "i don't want to play with you anymore" so maybe it would've taken a turn for a Tavares Derby afterall. Because maybe they could've gotten a puck-moving defenseman in the trade for Heatley. if, if, if. and, and, and.

The reason we don't know who is going number one, is because the New York Islanders are terrible. They are so terribly bad that they need both a scorer and a puck-moving defenseman. And possibly a whole new team. Oh yah, and they have Garth Snow as a GM so it's even possible that he won't take either Tavares or Hedman, and take someone ranked 13th... and then he'll sign said draft pick to a ONE HUNDRED YEAR CONTRACT!

So just sit back, stop freakin out whether Hedman or Tavares will go first, because really i'm sure they both have their fingers crossed that the Islanders don't pick them.


Garn said...

Dear Jenn,

You know I heart team awesome, however, this Heatley ripping is getting painful. Please stop,



Jenn Casey said...

Matt, don't leave your team with him, he's no good for you.