Saturday, January 3, 2009

They deserved to lose.

They had a ridiculous amount of powerplays and couldn't capitalize.

Every time they scored one, the Russians came back with the tying goal pretty much right away.

Esposito scored... (yes, ESPOSITO) shorthanded. And they couldn't even ride the high and hold off the Russians.

PK Subban thought he was Bobby Orr. Trying spinaramas and rushing plays. Couldn't just keep it simple... couldya?

After Canada's first goal (resulting from super-duper excellent boardwork) I thought that Canada could pull this one off.

But it quickly went downhill. The Canadians were running around like... well, like the Americans.

BUT... they didn't lose.

Because Jordan Eberle scored to tie it with 5.4 seconds left.

And in overtime the Canadians were buzzing. They woke up.

And then Eberle all out destroyed in the shootout.

John "THE monster" Tavares put it away with another.

MAGIC. That's all. magic.

pass the rum. let's go celebrate. to the gold medal game!

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